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Entrepreneurs are the innovators and the ones crazy enough to potentially change the world. By invest in them, you can make a difference too

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Minimum investment is 500.000 € per company. However, we are interested to negotiate flexible investment agreement with the potential Investor

Innovative StartUp

The startups listed must all successfully pass our comprehensive analyzing process

Markets we provide

Main Focus Areas

Predictive Healthcare

The global predictive analytics in healthcare market was valued at 8,46 Bn $ opportunity (Allied Analytics LLP) and My+Care™ (IoT) allows partners, distributors and clients to capitalize on that opportunity.

Smart Retail Tech

Data is an estimated 3 trillion dollar opportunity (Mc.Kinsey) , and RetailTech™ (IoT) allows partners, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers to capitalize on that opportunity.

Technology Trends 2019

These five technology areas are worth watching.

– IoT, Big Data, AI, Digital Health, Gamification

Kuus Invest Ltd.

The Art of building a successful IoT Technology Company

In our Start-Up world, life is all about getting our act together; moving past mortality and then working towards growth. Investors know. CEOs know. Executives know. VC ´s  know. Employees know. Everyone knows. If you and your company aren’t learning and growing, your competitors most likely are. It will only be a matter of time before you are eclipsed by someone else that prioritizes growth more than you. In Kuus Invest, we concentrate to create a team of winners. Passionate teams of people, who challenge themselves every day, and believing their cause, making each moment count and together, celebrate the small victories, before the big ones.

Investment opportunity to

My+Care® Solution

My+Care® provides an individually tailored end-to-end ecosystem of care that’s versatile and highly cost efficient. We empower caregivers to be more responsive and caring within a secure environment that supports each user’s interactive engagement and optimal independence.

Investment opportunity to

RetailTech™ Solution

RetailTech solution is a cloud-based ecosystem which uses algorithms. We will get a lot of data and analyse it thoroughly. 

You will get to know your customers movements by every hour, every day, every month and every year.

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